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Qwiznibet Foods Partners

We have found the most incredible partner's to help with various parts of our business. They are all invaluable, we couldn't do this with them. We have found that relationships and people are the largest asset in any company. We are so grateful for each and every one of them!     . 


We recently brought on Greg Peters, an incredibly talented animator from Hannah-Barbera, to help us bring our retro cartoon characters to life for our marketing campaigns. Greg has been a joy to work with!

In 1990 Greg graduated from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA with a BFA degree in Character Animation. He has a long list of high credentials beginning with Hanna-Barbera Productions the studio whose cartoons he grew up closely with. While at H-B, he worked on such shows as “Tom and Jerry Kids”, “The Adventures of Don Coyote “, “Fish Police” series well as doing animation on commercials featuring “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones”.

Greg also worked freelance for Warner Brothers on “Tazmania” before moving in house as a character designer on the Emmy award winning series ”Animaniacs” and “Pinky and the Brain”.

Also notable is his work at Sony/Imageworks where he worked as a Character Designer on the Dilbert TV series. He was instrumental in helping to get a studio in Wisconsin up and running as well as animate on that studio’s projects.


Full Service Foods in Hillsboro, North Dakota was our first co-packer for Henrietta's line of products. Amy Gorden was our little angel that taught us so much along the way.

Consultant & Product Development

Marla Murry from Top Hat Company in  Wilmette Illinois has definitely been invaluable, she helped get our Hornsby's line of products to the point of becoming shelf stable. The sauces had been in the pipeline for years!


Lomar Distribution is our distributor for He-Vee stores in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota Kansas and Illinois.


Cross Country Trucking and Old Dominion have both been easy to work with. You wouldn't believe how incredibly important the trucking companies are and the added value they contribute by delivering in a timely manner.

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