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Qwiznibet Foods Owners and Creators, Daniel and Jeanette Tostenson’s journey into the food business began in Fergus Falls Minnesota in an approved kitchen at the local YMCA. As a family, they had all talked about bottling up Grandma’s old fashioned recipes and sharing their traditions with a new generation, particularly her sloppy joes. But these were more than just delicious recipes. They felt they were such that, when tasted and enjoyed, had the power to conjure up nostalgic feelings of old fashioned family memories, and just good feelings of simpler days gone by. After spending two years in Daniel's hometown, Fergus Falls, Daniel and Jeanette decided to move to the Twin Cities in 2012 and continued working on the Qwiznibet Brand.

Coinciding with this pursuit of evoking good old-fashioned family memories and feelings, some very unique characters from a magical village called Qwiznibet Square had recently been “discovered” who had some similar recipes of their own. They seemed to evoke similar feelings, and be the perfect complement to that which they were seeking to promote through Grandma’s recipes. One of these “citizens of Qwiznibet” was Henrietta, a 1950’s “Leave it to Beaver” type mom who also happened to be a cow! The pursuit of creating magical moments and memories through the recipes and Qwiznibet characters was a perfect fit. And thus, Qwiznibet Foods, including Henrietta’s Slow-Cooker Sauce and Sloppy Joe Mix came to be.

Since starting this journey, owners, Daniel & Jeanette decided to break the mold and add a Cilantro Lime Marinade for a new generation of foodies. They will continue with grandmas good old fashioned recipes but new recipes will continue to be added. The entire Qwiznibet Brand is old mixed with new. Co-Owner, Jeanette is working on Daniel's midwest old fashioned recipes but adding a twist from her French roots.

Daniel and Jeanette are currently working on another Qwiznibet Foods brand, Hornby's line of products which will include ice cream sauces.


Qwiznibet Foods is a “Give Back” company. We are currently involved in giving to support El Refuge Urban Ministry Center, an outreach center that offers resources, counseling, hope, and healing to abused and exploited students in Panama! In addition, our efforts are going toward helping to provide an opportunity for the disabled to live a productive life. As we continue to grow, our desire is to make a difference in our community and abroad by combating homelessness, helping those with disabilities, as well as funding homes to support young women and children, education and the arts.  Our life goal is to help those in need by establishing a foundation that will continue beyond our own lives.

As we continue this journey, our Life Goal is what keeps us going and makes it all worth while.











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